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ICEMAN Motorcycle Tour Co. Tour Introduction ...

For someone who has always wanted to go on a trip but did not want to waste precious moments of his (or her) short vacation by ending up on a bad road or a place that is not really fun to be at I have the solution. Maybe you want to be introduced to riders with similar interests and trip schedules? You can look at it as a motorcycle travel agency -- or ICEMAN Motorcycle Travel Co. as we call it.

If you are expecting to have your whole day scheduled to the gills and everything done for you and have nothing to do but ride (with the sense of discovery and adventure annihilated), none of the self-guided or guided tours offered by ICEMAN Motorcycle Travel Co. will be appropriate for you.

But if you thought you wanted to go in a place or area for a couple of weeks and find:
A- The type of roads you like to ride on.
B- The type of places you like to sleep in.
C- The type of restaurants you like to eat at.
D- AND ride (if you want to) with strangers YOU KNOW YOU WILL get along with
E- AND not for thousands of dollars, then you have come to the right place.

Want to go further east than this? Got a boat??

Through my unique tour builder questionnaire you can build the tour you want and end up riding the way you want. The questions not only help Paul personalize the emailed guide, but also to connect you (if you so choose) with like minded riders from across the continent.

The self-tour guides that we email out are personalized. Yours will be yours and yours alone. And if you want to share the experience, it is up to you. As these emailed guides are personalized by Paul himself, ICEMAN Motorcycle Travel Co. kindly requests as much lead time as possible to fulfill your order. Depending on Paul's commitments, some orders may be turned away.

If you want, there is also the option to go on set tours with Paul as your guide ("Tours with Paul"). Space is limited on these rides, with riders being able to join/leave the group at any point on the itinerary.

Much more snow than most trips? Heck yeah!!

It is simple. It is inexpensive and it is easy (click on links above for survey questions and prices). Some of Paul's friends have said "Man! I told Paul that I was going on vacation for 2 weeks and I did not know where to go and how to get there. We sat together and he gave me a few pointers for roads and different places, and you know what? That was great! It worked out great and it took a lot of the doubts and uncertainties out of the whole thing!"

We will talk, we will connect and we will get you going.

Go ride and have fun!

Paul "Iceman" Mondor

ICEMAN Motorcycle Travel Co.

Start the questions already! OR show me an example!


"I think you have carbon steel bearings instead of balls!" -- "Stan on the ferry to Newfoundland"
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