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Tour Questionnaire page 1 ...
This questionnaire fills several purposes. By filling it out, you give a snap shot of who you are and how you ride.

Kindly fill the form out if:
a) you want an emailed self-guided package
b) you want the emailed guide AND want to be connected with like-minded riders who have similar travel plans
c) if you want to apply to go on a "Tour With Paul"

Answer the best you can, and remember there is a "comments" section at the end of it all that you can write additional info in.

Want to just email Paul and "talk direct" instead? See the Contact Us page.

What type of road do you most want to be on?

Back Roads Highways and Interstates
Secondary Roads Mountain Passes
Canyons Prairies (wide open spaces)
Ocean/Coastline Gravel

What location are you interested in travelling?

BC West Coast Lower BC and AB
Upper BC and AB Sunshine Coast/Islands
US West Coast "Greater" Pacific Northwest (WA, CA, NV, MT)
Canada Coast to Coast Maritimes
Yukon and NWT Canadian Rockies

OK, lets go.

Wait! Start over!


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