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Frequently Asked Questions ...

There's a lot going on with this site! What's up?

Yes there is.

Paul "Iceman" Mondor has had some wild adventures, and ridden many miles, motorcycling North and South America. This site is part biography, part tour company, part book promotion but mostly a place where motorcyle enthusiasts can feel welcome.

Biography? Book! Is Paul famous??

Well... he did ride across Canada in the winter, twice. Most might call him "nuts" (check out some of the quotes at the bottom of most pages) before "famous", but "famous" fits when you are featured in radio, newspaper and TV news reports.

No way!


Oh! What about the book?

Actually, two books. "Two Wheels Through Winter" and "Iceman Versus Labrador, Victoria to Goose Bay Labrador Jan 2008" are available via Paul now. Each is approximately 300 pages and chronicle Paul's amazing trip(s) during Canada's coldest months.


Yes. Paul has practically been all over Canada and the US on two wheels, as well as extensive riding in Central and South America. He knows that not every rider is able, or desires to, "explore" unknown areas, especially when faced with limited yearly travel time constraints. Maybe some riders want to have a group ride with a new set of people.

If you get in touch with Paul, either through our online questionnaire or by email, you'll be on the road to getting a personalized guide written by Paul. Paul's written self-guided tour will suggest places to stay, places to eat, places to see -- all based on what you tell him you want to do with your tour time.

How does it work?

ICEMAN Motorcycle Travel Co. is working to keep it as simple as possible. Have a trip in mind (season, start and destination, type of ride etc) and then hit up the questionnaire form. Send it off. When Paul has the guide ready, he'll email you an invoice. Once payment is received, Paul will send out the email self-guide to your email address. As these emailed guides are personalized by Paul himself, ICEMAN Motorcycle Travel Co. kindly requests as much lead time as possible on your order. Depending on Paul's commitments, some orders may be turned away.

But I want to go riding with Paul as a guide!

You can! Paul has some rides coming up that are open to the public. Read about it here.

Cool. Anything else?

Ah uh, there's a little section for connecting with like minded riders -- our forums.


"Look down! What do you see?" -- "Stranger in White River Ontario"
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