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Dammit! Finally! After running in to as many problems as a lawyer would attending a seminar on honesty, I am happy to say that the books are finalized. They are real.

Note: These images open into very large jpeg files that show more detail.

These books are not about me. They are about us, motorcyclists, adventurers, risk takers, life grabbers, and all others in between. I hope you will see yourself in them or someone you know. Living these trips has been incredible and surviving them, life altering experiences. But slowly reliving them as I put them on paper has been.... Well-you will see!!

Thank you so much for having been there for me and allowing me to share these with you.

While the books are available at Trafford, but I really prefer to ship them myself -- and this gives me a chance to write a little note in the book for you. You can pay at PayPal to Paul@PaulMondor.com and I will ship it anywhere in Canada for the price of C$24.79 for "Two wheels through winter" and C$28.99 for "Iceman vs. Labrador" -- taxes and shipping in!! Email me for anything else, including paying by cheque.

I hope you like them. I put all I have and all that I am in these pages. I shared not only the trips and the experience but also big parts of me. At times I hope they will make you laugh, and at others they will make you cry. I wanted the feelings and emotions I had during these trips to be on the pages. I did not want my books to just be books. I do not like to be bored and the last thing I wanted is for you to be bored while reading them.

Thanks again!

PS: Many people have asked me to send them a copy with something written in it. I will! I do not have a secretary! (At times I need it), but I will send it to you ASAP. If you would like me to do the same, please just send me an email with your address and what you would like this crazy French Canadian Frog to write in it and I will do it. If you stay close and want to have it straight from me please just ask me and I will do it.


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