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Paul's Biography ...

A word (or two!) from Paul

There is a picture of me on my dad′s shoulders as he walks in the woods. The same place we went to so many times. My entire family grew up there. I think I was bathed in creeks more often then a tub by the time I reached 6 or 7. You can say that the outdoors is built in inside of me. Being a motorcyclist, this aspect of me is an asset.

I feel free of the daily pressure when I am in my helmet. The world around does not exist anymore. It suddenly takes the form of a show forever changing on the screen of my visor. It is an environment that I am part of. Not one that engulfs me with noise and pollution but one that dances and sings for my own personal pleasure.

Paul and Frosty

I have always refused to fit the mould. My mom would testify to that! (Love you Mom!)

The 9 to 5 life in a box or the preset social mechanics imposed on us by society have never worked for me. I spent my life so far just wanting to have fun, and for the most of it it has worked damn well thank you very much. Riding is vital to my well being. Some people would think I am addicted to it and they would be right! Some people say it takes too much room in my life! To them I say? Never mind! I would rather not say! Yes! It is part of my daily life and if somehow there is something or someone that wants to be or has to be part of my life, it better make sure that motorcycling is something that can interact with it or them. Otherwise! Turn the door knob which ever way you want but get out!

I guess we all would like to find the perfect saying that would define us and that could be put on our tombstone? Or what is the word for that stone?? Hey I am French! What is your excuse? Anyway! Where was I? Ah yes! The saying!

Mine will be “He had fun and he rode!” That is it.

It is this love for riding that I am expressing day in day out. Whether I am by myself, or talking to other riders! Life is short! Life is precious and every second wasted will never be given back to you. NEVER! I have unfortunately seen lives disappear too many times. Lives being taken suddenly! Too many people have died while I was holding their hands. One of them was my best friend Ian Anguish. Ian and I rode tens of thousands of miles together in all sorts of conditions. Ian was THE FRIEND I knew I could count on 24/7.

I was with him when he died suddenly in 2006. I was able to get to him in time, hold his hand and tell him, this good and dear friend, how much our friendship meant to me. I then felt my hand being squeezed by his and he went.

Life is short! Live it up!

Go ride and have fun!

Paul "Iceman" Mondor


"Were you abused as a child?" -- "At a gas station in Hope BC"
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