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Congratulations on reaching the website of Paul "Iceman" Mondor.

Check the site out. We've got info on his books (two of them!), his adventures (two wheeled and otherwise), self-guided tour info put together by Paul himself and last but far from least, how to "Tour with Paul" yourself.

Fall 2012 Update

Hi everyone.. Because I am now in Fort McMurray playing in the oil sands for a while, I have had to postponed the Frozen Butt 2012-13 and beyond. Thanks to those who have signed up and willing to wait for me. It is a privilege.

I am working on a couple of things while I am up here that will be awesome.

Till then, ride lots, live lots and never surrender to others' fears.


P.S. I am still selling my books personally. I am selling them now for $15 each, taxes and shipping included. I have to ship a few, and because I do it alone, it takes a few days once you contacted me. Thanks again.

Northern Canada and Arctic Winter Ride 2011 Follow-up

To all those who followed me on my Arctic Adventure/documentary last winter, I would like to apologize for letting you down. Turns out that I was taken for a ride by Curbsyde Productions and the whole thing went down the drain due to differences. I did not only get screwed financially by them, but they turned the whole thing into a documentary about Joe (Who had no clue how to ride in winter) instead of what it should have been. A story about the wonderful people we met and all the beautiful places we saw; as well as the human drama and the challenges we dealt with along the way...

Stay tuned as I am putting something together that will show the true story. It will be fun, human and true as it SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

Thanks again for your support on this.

Ride safe and go live!


"There is treatment for people like you!" -- "Gas attendant in Donnacona PQ"
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